Artificial Intelligence in Business Conference. 7 November 2019 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg.

Get the AI insights you need to drive results in your business. As AI industrializes beyond research, production quality implementation becomes increasingly important. Business leaders now deploy AI models at scale, and software applications with inference capabilities are accelerating at an unprecedented rate.


At KIWEB’s Artificial Intelligence in Business Conference. 7 November 2019 you find out how early adopters are gaining an edge–at the expense of slower moving competitors–at the KIWEB’s AI in Business Conference in Sandton Johannesburg. It’s a rare opportunity to bypass the hype and discover how emerging developments can be applied into practical and profitable AI you can implement in your business today. Don’t miss it.

Topics to be discussed

  • Tracing the AI journey from conceptualisation to implementation
  • Leveraging semantic AI for next generation operations and customer experience
  • Seeing eye to AI: creating an organisational structure that drives collaboration
  • Delivering the perfect AI-driven experience: understanding what’s possible today and tomorrow
  • Enabling artificially-intelligent operations: finding opportunities and building on successes
  • Understanding and managing the risks of biased AI
  • Building an AI-Powered Organization
  • Algorithms, accountability and explainability: who is responsible for AI?
  • Data as the backbone of AI: creating the right systems
  • AI in data security: threats and opportunities

Confirmed speakers participating with links to their LinkedIn profiles.

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